8 thoughts on “Louise and Brian’s wedding

  1. To anyone looking for someone to record their wedding, do not, I repeat do not go further than John Mollagahan in Moments Videos! He is absolutely brilliant- I watch our DVD regularly, our young neice watches it over and over again, she is addicted to it, what better review can it get?! Along with my wedding album, my DVD is the most precious thing I possess from the wedding- I would have forgotten virtually everything from the day were it not for the DVD- you think you will remember things but you don’t. I have met alot of people who have said that it wouldn’t be their thing to have a DVD, that they are more private about things, would feel awkward with it etc.- to me after my experience with John, I would say it is the most private intimate thing you could do to record your wedding day, all those special private moments recorded forever that would otherwise be lost, and I honestly can hardly remember him being there other than the nice big smile you would get if you looked his way, his is completely unobtrusive which is what you need. And as for the finished product, it speaks for itself, it is more than we could have hoped for, and yet I did have a gut feeling it would be as good as it was going on the other sample wedding highlights I saw on his website- he is absolutely consistently brilliant. There is no other time in your life when you will have a camera man and a photographer following you for a day, and I would say just go for it, and book John straight away, he is a leeedge!! From a very pleased bride!

  2. Lovely video.

    Louise, I love your veil! Where did you get it? Looking for something similar! Thanks.

  3. Hi Ros,

    I got my veil in a shop in Dublin called Myrtle Ivory (tele: 01-6753519), they have lots of lovely things there, really well worth the trip. I also went to another Dublin shop called Sharon Hoey (Tele: 01-6762772) which I would definately recommend if you were going up. When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? V.exciting!! If you need anything else dont hesitate to email.


  4. Hi Louise,
    Thanks so much for getting back to me! I’m getting married in Cork in July! Very exciting time alright! Was planning to go to Myrtle Ivory alright – they seem to have lovely stuff. Thanks a million for all the tips. Where did you hire the car by the way? Love the whole 1920s vibe you had! Looks lovely! Ros.

  5. It was actually my brother-in-laws sisters dads car, if ya get me! He is into vintage cars. Where in Cork are you getting married? It will all be no bother to you I’m sure!

  6. Hi Louise, Your video is fabulous, you both look so happy and look like really lovely people, very easy going…..the whole day seems so relaxed. Your flowers are spectacular! Such a beautiful altar/top table arrangement and the bouquets…. Keep coming back to watch your video!!!! I would love to use hydrangeas for our wedding also. Was it difficult to transport the arrangement? Will definatley have to speak to fox flowers, but I wonder are hydrangeas an expensive option……

  7. Hi Clara,
    Sorry but I only just saw your email now! I thought a message would come through to let me know if there was a post. Thank you so much for your kind words! Well the flowers were for sure expensive on the one hand but on the other Fox Flowers just give you so much for your money. Sharon Fox (the proprietor) is brilliant, if you meet up with her, she really tunes into you and gets a really good idea of the type of thing you are looking for, and your personality. They have loads of ideas from inexpensive to the upper range- I went for the mid level price. I know they are “just” flowers, but for some reason they made a massive difference to me on the day. Was quite nervous when I arrived to the church but when I saw the flowers peeping out at me they immediately put me at ease, seriously!! As far as transporting them is concerned, Fox Flowers did it all, we didnt have to do a thing. This is all probably arriving a little late for you, but hopefully it is of some use to you. Wishing you loads of luck with it all. When and where are you getting married?

  8. Just loved your video, The whole day looked perfect & even though I dont know you i had a tear…Seriously just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful :-)))

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