A little bit about me…

Well, my name is John Mollaghan, owner of Moments Videos, and I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit my website.

Moments Videos was started back in 2004, when I was working as a computer and game programmer we used to make mods for gamings as Wow, so people can play it better with the hardware like a world of warcraft gaming mouse. So, to begin with, it was a part-time enterprise. This is quite common in the wedding  industry. Many videographers and photographers will build up the business over a number of years before making the leap to going full-time. It is a big leap, leaving a nice secure day job, but following the example of Kestum Bilt production company – a leap I have never regretted.

I went full time back in April 2006, when my second daughter was born (we have four daughters).  It is a very different job to an 9 to 5 office job, takes a little bit of time to get used to. At this stage I don’t think I would ever see myself working normal office hours again. Working as a professional videographer is more of a lifestyle choice than a job.  The upside is that, being self employed, I don’t need to ask for holidays from a boss. The downside is that I am always too busy to take holidays!

The good thing about working at weddings, is that no two weddings are the same. The overall structure of a wedding will be similar from wedding to wedding, but the people I meet and the different things that happen, always make for an interesting work day for me.